MyPAYE has partnered with Karma to help support the financial wellbeing of your employees, providing access to Karma’s interest and fee-free salary advance solution.

Financial wellbeing can improve productivity, retention, attendance and engagement, so Karma could benefit both your employees and your business.

It’s simple to register and with no fees or integration you can offer your employees access to up to £300 a month salary advance to spend on essential shopping at a range of retailers.

Karma Salary Advance – supporting the financial wellbeing of your people

Financial stress affects home and work life. Sleepless nights, money worries, low productivity, and demands for more pay are some of the signs of poor financial health.

Poor financial wellbeing could be costing your business in productivity, retention, attendance and engagement – so as an addition to your wellbeing strategy, Karma could not only benefit your employees, but also help to improve your bottom line.

At Karma, we provide a salary advance service to employees, allowing them to advance up to £300 a month with no interest, fees or hidden charges.

What’s more, there are no charges for employers either, we work with a wide range of online and high-street retailers to provide salary advances in the form of digital vouchers that can be redeemed on essential shopping at retailers such as Tesco, Primark and Amazon.

There’s no payroll system integration or long-winded registration process; your employees simply download the Karma app and become a Karma member.

Karma is a new way to borrow, with absolutely no interest, fees or hidden charges.

We have partnered with your employer to give you access to up to £300 salary advance each month, to spend at a range of retailers including Tesco, Primark and Amazon.

Balancing your household finances can change month by month and sometimes having early access to your salary can really help. Depending on how much you earn and how often you get paid, with the Karma app you can advance between £50 – £300 a month and you’ll only ever repay exactly what you’ve borrowed.

How it works

In the Karma App, you can browse and select vouchers up to your monthly limit. You can use the vouchers instore or online to purchase your shopping and track your spending as you go.

You are in control of how much you borrow and you’ll only ever pay for what you use, so if you don’t use any salary advance in a month, you won’t pay anything for it.

There’s no payroll system integration or long-winded registration process; once your employer has signed up to Karma, you simply download the Karma app and become a Karma member.

It’s quick and simple to join Karma, just download the app and get started by entering the unique code provided by your employer.